Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beware of the cyclist!

FACT: "Bike crashes kill 900 people every year and send another 567,000 to hospital emergency rooms with injuries."
I'm thinking that I could possibly hold a world record of the highest amount of bike accidents a person can achieve in such a short space of time. This week alone I've fallen off a bike 4 times, crashed full on into Vernon's beautiful mountain bike & cycled into a signpost. As a result I probably hold a world record of the biggest bruises a person can receive ... EVER!
I must say, one of the crashes was pretty impressive. I'll set the scene: I was the cyclist (under the influence of 'screwdriver') and my passenger was Dan (under the influence of sho-chu), we turned a corner into a not so busy back street in Hiroshima's china town on our way to a bar. Infront of us to the left was a taxi, to the right was a crowd of people saying their goodbyes to eachother and in between the obstacles was enough room for me to cycle through. But no, I'm riding as fast as I can ringing the little bell on the handle, shouting 'move out the way'. I plough through the crowd who luckily move out of the way before sustaining any injuries, I then swerve to the left and hit the taxi on the bumper. Dan flies off the back and I soon follow. It takes a minute or so to realise what had just happened, I'm being helped up by Dan and then we're looking in astonishment at the chaos we've caused. The crowd have now surrounded the taxi and the driver is annalysing his car, but nobody is looking in our direction, so we sneak off. The thing is, it was hilarious (although it wasn't the next day when I couldn't move). However on a more serious note I may write to the Japanese government suggesting that they pedestrianise bar areas and have some sort of crowd prevention sign (preferably hanging from a building as I might cycle into it), aiding cyclists to get to the bars on time to meet their friends.


At January 04, 2006, Blogger Vernon said...

The influential screwdriver can have amazing effects on one's ability to crash into both stationary and moving objects. Compounded by the bicycle and a pillion passenger, you must have put on a real show for the apathetic audience. Have you thought of going into show business?

I second the motion for crowd prevention areas near alcoholic cycling thoroughfares.

At January 17, 2006, Blogger Vernon said...

don't lose your bike!


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