Monday, February 13, 2006

Say my name, say my name!

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I have a new name here in Japan 'Keito', which I quite like. Apparently it translates as 'wool' which I'm not so keen on, especially when I sing "wind the bobbin up" with my students, I'm actually talking about winding myself up! Which can easily be done. Last week one of my students gave me a present for my mobile (see blurred picture). It's a little phone decoration, have no idea what else to call it, but everybody has them (well most people) jingling and jangling from their phones. Well, mine is supposed to be my name (and actually it's not a small decoration at all, as it's longer than my actual phone!). I thought it was really sweet how she'd just changed the katakana into English, I hope she doesn't discover how my name is really spelt, as she looked so proud when she handed it to me. So now it's swinging from my phone - my newly named 'Keito' keitai (keitai translates to mobile for all those unfamiliar with Japanese, which probably includes me too!).

I have just Googled the meaning of my name and it's of Celtic/ Gaelic origin. On the website I looked at, it says it means 'Pure, Virginal' ha ha!! Also there was a survey posted up on the site (which is actually a site if you want help for naming your baby, for unimaginative parents). Out of 1,187 votes, my name gets a whooping 46% for being an excellent name. Now that's a high percentage. I always wanted to be called Roxanne when I was younger, but now I see my name is just as remarkable.

Right, another new focus for me: to behave equivalently to my name 'Virginal Keito'.


At February 14, 2006, Blogger Vernon said...

Virginal what?!
Roxanne is a good song.
Keito is absolutely remarkable!


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