Wednesday, March 29, 2006


One reason why Japan is a great place to live - the amount of presents you can get. I'm constantly showered with gifts! Not to the stage yet of receiving Gucci handbags or Chanel dresses, but I don't think it'll be long.

So, gifts received so far in the last 2 weeks - 3 x banners worth of pictures of myself drawn by my kiddy winks (not exactly a gift, but I was very touched by their hard work and the detail they put in of making my hair as yellow as possible). Also the same kindergarten gave me a goody bag full of goodies when I attended their Nen Cho graduation ceremony, this included a box of rice (really it was) a box of red bean cakes and an annual/ book of the Nen Cho year, which featured all the activities they got up to and little snippits on each pupil, plus I featured in it doing my regular weekly clown appearance.

Then the next day I received a bunch of flowers from one of the mothers at another Kindergarten, thanking me for a year of work. At the moment the flowers are living in one of my vodka drinking glasses (no vodka in the water though) was going to buy a vase, but thought maybe someone might give me one as a present!! Vernon & I visited Mos Burger briefly on Sunday night around middnight just for a quick tummy filler, and each given a mirror presented in a lovely Mos Burger box. We were mid conversation when the waitress brought them over and handed them to us, at first I thought it was gift to thank us for eating at the Japanese fast food joint and to welcome us as foriegners. Soon realised she was giving us old Christmas stock that was left over, cute mirrors though.

Yesterday I got 2 lots of presents, one was a box of cakes from a student that's leaving kindergarten. The gift was actually to share between myself and Rie, and we didn't hesitate in doing this once we jumped on the bus after finishing work. The bus hadn't left the stop and Rie had ripped off the decorative paper! All the cakes were sadly gone within 10 minutes, and we made sure we shared them equally as we did come across that hurdle of there being an odd number of them. There was much debate over which one we would need to halve, Rie was very skillful at breaking it evenly so all was OK!
The 2nd of presents was some minature shampoo & conditioners from 'Wants', ideal for travelling. Rie was a little upset as she didn't get any - maybe I was their 23rd customer of the day?!

Right then - on receiving presents must be overly grateful (as might mean more could come my way), and should think about giving out gifts more myself, or give away the gifts I get, to save money! (Know what I mean Vernon!!!)


At March 29, 2006, Blogger Vernon said...

Ah... no. What ever do you mean? I know you are awesome at giving gifts, as well as receiving. I love my chunky, metal plate key tag with FUCK YOU pressed in big black letters that you gave me, along with other cool presents for my birthday. So if I give you a packet of (13) Tim-Tams, how will you split the last one?

At April 10, 2006, Anonymous gill ranson said...

Just to prove I do actually know how to work this (contrary to Mathieu's constant disbelief) and have read it ALL!


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