Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well, I've not posted a blog for quite a while now. Not sure what I've been doing really apart from the usual! I know one thing is that I've been getting even more obsessed with my obsessions, so a good friend of mine VERNON encouraged me to write a blog about them. And another friend EUAN said it was about time I wrote another blog, so this is especially for the both of you.

My 1st obsession is green, more of a khaki green than a bottle green. I have no idea why, but I'm getting to the point that when I go shopping for anything, be it clothes, stationary, furnishings blah de blah de blah it's green. Don't worry the obsession hasn't taken over in the food or make-up department, although I did buy a fair bit of broccoli the other day as I thought the colour of it looked quite appealing, but I suppose that's the pesticides in Japan.

Here is me today in my green poncho! It's rainy season at the moment, and it's turning out to be quite useful. I bought it in Thailand about 4 years ago when I went on some boat trip because 1) it's green 2) it has a lion on it (I'll get to that obsession shortly) 3) I would've got very wet without it. Another thing that inspired me to write this uninteresting blog is that I was reminiscing about that Rainbow Brite phase of the 80's when I was a bit younger. The doll I had was her friend Patty O'Green (my obsession goes a long(ish) way back) and after researching her I realised it kind of summed me up a bit:

not all of it though, as I wouldn't regard myself as cute, but maybe some Japanese girls might beg to differ ha ha!! Also I'm pretty sure that last Christmas practically every present I received was green. Even my Dad got me something green and he doesn't even notice if I've had my haircut or lost a tooth.

Ok, obsession number 2. Lions, I love them and consider the fact that maybe I was one in a previous life. A vegetarian one though because of the non-meat thing, or even a pescatarian (yes, there is such a word) as I'm pretty sure that I would've eaten fish. Here is a photo of me a few days ago aboard a lion and another one pretending to be a lion and looking quite scary, I think the hair works well.

Finally obsession number 3 is Tuna onigiri (tuna in rice, molded into a triangle shape with seaweed wrapped around it, yeah weird). Now I used to have a thing about always buying the same chocolate bar whenever that was, but these onigiri things have taken me beyond that. I have on average at least one a day, more often than not TWO - yes, I'm really pushing the boat out. I can't really say they've got an exquisite taste but I seem to crave them. Also I'm getting to the sad point that if they've run out in the shop I get extremely irritable, even though the next covenience store that's probably 10 yards away will have a stock of them. What's even sadder is that all convenience stores sell them but I can tell the difference of which onigiri is sold where, and I particularly like FamilyMart's brand. So now I must include a photo of me with onigiris outside FamilyMart looking excited!!

So, it's not long until I leave Japan, and you're probably thinking it's for the best after reading this blog. I will be jetting off to Australia to see my Aussie pals and doing lots of Aussie things to write about like drinking tinnies with the cast of Home & Away and sticking my head in a crocodile's mouth. I will NOT be trekking though.